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Student Support

 Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

Teachers will keep in constant contact with students through Google Classroom.  Each class will have its own Google Classroom code to access the assignments.  You are encouraged to review all of the work on Google Classroom periodically, since that is where students will turn in their work.

Google Classroom This link will take you to your teachers’ Google classroom login. 

Teachers will use Microsoft Teams for class meetings each day.  Please, make sure you have internet access for your child(ren).  If you do not, the district can provide hotspots at the Board of Education building, located at 2901 Troost Avenue. Have your child(ren) walk you through all 7 Google Classrooms to keep up with their workload.  

Technical Support Contact

If you are having technical issues with your child’s laptop or hotspot, please, reach out to the HelpDesk for technical support. 816 418 4357.

Microsoft Teams Expectations

During these virtual classroom sessions, please make sure your child has access to adequate internet connection and in a room conducive to learning online.  We cannot have students sharing classroom codes with other students not in the class.  We must be able to see your child on the screen during the lessons and must be on mute unless he/she has a question or wants to answer a question. 

It will be important that we keep our classrooms private from others outside of the class.  Just like in the regular classroom, we do not allow anyone to just come in and watch.  There are privacy laws we must follow in-person or online, so please help us keep in compliance with state and district policies.

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